Example : Expression Of Anger


             I have a bad story with my best friend. Actually we are really close each other. I have three best friend that I always give me a support since I was met with them. They are a boy. They know me so well and my parents know them so well too. We always doing anything together. Like when we got a nastional examination, we always study together in my house and solve the problem together.

            one-day, we got a problem. One of them make me angry. His name is Aziz. Aziz make a big mistake. He lay to me and he didn’t want to tell me the truth. I am upset at the moment. It make me burns. I really didn’t like that situation. I don’t ever angry with him yet. Because I know that I can tush him. Just an anger in my mid at that time and spontaneously I talk with him loudly that I don’t want to talk with him anymore.

My friends always give me advice to apologize Aziz but I still  angry with him and I can’t be positive thinking. But apparently, Aziz mad at me too. I am confuse. Why he mad at me?. Aziz tells me that he fells disappointment with me because I can’t undertanding him. Finally, I mad at him and He mad at me. I fell like this problem will never over.

            I try to tell with my another best friend, his name is Anang. Anang in the same campus with Aziz and they are a neighbor in their boarding house. I tell my problem clearly with him and he gave me some advice. Aziz and I is just got a misunderstanding. He talk to me that their was so busy there and they aren’t have time for thinking about this problem continuously so I have to forgive to Aziz because our friendship should never the end just because of a little problem.